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Here at Kali Forbes, we prefer to reduce, reuse and recycle rather than working with virgin materials and supplies. 


This ethos is something that runs deeper than the precious metals, gemstones and materials we use to make jewellery. It is something we consider when upgrading equipment, machinery and furniture in our South London Studio. It is also something that we bear in mind when sourcing and choosing the most environmentally friendly jewellery packaging we can. And it is something we are constantly striving to improve.

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Kali Forbes designs and handmakes jewellery in her South London Studio. For specialist techniques such as stone setting, engraving and gold plating, we work with a small team of artisanal makers all based within the UK.


The family-run casting house where the majority of Kali’s jewels begin their journey, was established in the midlands in the 1970s. Their focus is on responsible practice which is both ethically and environmentally minded. The non-cast metals that we work with, are where possible, recycled or fairtrade, and we try our best to work with suppliers who are members of the Responsible Jewellery Council. 

Kali works with a small network of independent businesses, many of whom are family-run, to source the gemstones used in our bespoke and fine jewellery pieces. All diamonds that we work with conform at the very least to the Kimberley Process Certification scheme, and all our coloured gemstones are traceable.


From the design through to the finished piece of jewellery, Kali believes that it is her responsibility to ensure that what she makes is as environmentally friendly as possible with a focus on minimising waste through design integrity and longevity. 


Our debut collection, Hepworth, was designed by Kali with a focus on longevity as well as beauty. Each piece is made from recycled bronze and then finished with an extra thick layer of hard gold plating called vermeil. Kali chose to work in bronze for this collection for two main reasons; the integrity of the design and also the longevity of the piece. 


We create our demi-fine collection using small batch production methods and make our fine jewellery to order, minimising waste and limiting the amount of precious materials tied up in already made stock. If you have an heirloom jewel that you would like reimagined into a contemporary piece you can treasure, Kali is happy to consider remodelling pre-loved pieces.

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